Designing garden beds correctly

Garden Life
The right planning lays the foundation for a beautiful flower bed.

Planning beds

For a beautiful bed structure, it’s worthwhile to first plan the bed using a sketch. Whether sowing seeds or planting seedlings: Taller plants should be placed at the back and in the middle of the bed, shorter ones in the front and on the sides of the bed.

Selecting the appropriate seeds

Select one of two variations: Possibility 1 means allowing young plants to sprout from seeds, and later placing the strong young plants in the bed according to a creative planting plan. Here, choose the intervals between the plants such that this space can be kept clean using a hoe. Possibility 2 involves less effort: Select ready-prepared seed mixtures in order to cultivate a sea of flowers for a summer. Here, the plants are spaced so closely to one another that there is no need to hoe the areas in between. Larger weeds within reach should simply be pulled out when necessary.

Expert tip

The earlier a plant blooms, the more it should be placed at the back of the bed. In this manner, the “wave of blossoms” moves closer to the viewer during the course of year – and conceals the faded plants which may have become unsightly by then.

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