Contour cutting - a piece of cake!

Garden Life
There is hardly a plant better suited to contour cutting than the boxwood tree. The most popular shape is a sphere. The boxwood cone is also a popular shape among garden lovers. However, to create both these shapes a few important things should be taken into account in order to achieve the perfect cut.

Boxwood spheres

The best thing to do is to use a template to cut your box tree into the correct shape.

1. Calculate the diameter of your box sphere in order to create a template.

2. Next, draw this diameter onto a piece of firm card or a thin wooden panel.

3. Cut out the semi-circle you have drawn.

4. Now hold the template against the box sphere and cut it into shape holding the GARDENA Accu ContourCut shrub shears in your other hand.

Boxwood cones

You can also quickly create a boxwood cone with a few simple movements:

When contour cutting a boxwood cone it is important to ensure that you boost broad growth and that the trunk grows straight.

1. The best thing to use to help you with cutting is bamboo sticks placed in a cone shape on your boxwood cone. Tie the top ends of the sticks together to create a beautiful cone.

2. Then cut your boxwood cone with the GARDENA Accu ContourCut shrub shears, following the line of the bamboo sticks to maintain a nicely cut cone shape.

Every so often, step back to look at the shape you are creating from a distance. Check to make sure that the shape is cut evenly. This is the best way to identify unevenness. Be careful when making adjustments, however, as it is easy to make mistakes when doing this.

GARDENA hopes you have fun getting your garden into shape.