Cleaning joints on the terrace

Garden Life
With the right approach, the weeds in the joints between the slabs can be removed simply.

Removal method

The most eco-friendly method is to scratch out unwanted plants from the joints. As a rule, a patio weeder is used to this end. Here, it is important that the weeds are pulled out together with the roots in order to prevent the plants from growing again.

Back protection while working

Cleaning the joints can be a laborious and exhausting task, especially when working on your knees. A patio weeder with a handle is the right solution here. As such, you can work from a comfortable upright Position.

Expert tip

Removal of the weeds using a high-pressure cleaner or burning them using a blowtorch is recommended only for coarse weeds as neither method has an in-depth effect and cannot prevent weeds even when used properly. Moreover, the water from high-pressure cleaners hurls the filling material out of the joints.