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The GARDENA SILENO Robotic Lawnmowers are developed with the help of 20 years of experience, this ensures that your lawn care is as easy and effortless as possible. Reliable and fully automatic. You can easily and safely control your Robotic Lawnmower with your fingertips via the GARDENA Bluetooth® App.

Information on Robotic Lawnmowers


THE intelligent robotic lawnmower. SILENO.

Frequently asked questions

The principle of the GARDENA robotic mower is to mow the lawn continuously. That means your garden is always freshly mowed. The needed time depends on the size and the complexity of your garden.
We recommend to let the robotic mower work five days per week. Of course he can also work the whole week. Here you can find an example how six working days per week can look like.

Generally is possible to place the charging station outside the working area. Please note that the area in front of the charging station is a high traffic location. The robotic mower should be able to start in any direction and return to the charging station from any direction. If the charging station is placed in a passage or outside the working area, it comes to a lot of turning processes, which causes a worn and flatted lawn. For further information, see section "How to install the charging station for the GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower" in the operating instructions.

Long narrow passages with 60 cm width (boundary wire to boundary wire) where a guide wire is installed can be mowed by the CorridorCut function easily. Long narrow passages without a installed guide wire should be have a width of minimum 1,5 meter.

The minimum width consists of several factors. First of all, the minimum distance between the boundary cables must be 60 cm. Additionally to this the distance to an obstacle must be considered and also added to the minimum distance of 60 cm from one boundary cable to the other.

Example: Minimum width between two house walls for a SILENO city

  • Distance between house wall and boundary cable on both sites: 35 cm
  • Minimum distance: 35 cm + 60 cm + 35 cm = 130 cm

In the operation manual you can find exact model specific information regarding distances, dependent on the type of obstacle.

 Please have a look here into our helpful installation videos.