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A connected GARDENA robotic lawnmower on the lawn

Care for your garden. Wherever you are.

A connected GARDENA automatic irrigation system

Give your garden what it needs. Automatically.

The GARDENA smart App and connected devices

Control everything with your fingertips.

A connected GARDENA robotic lawnmower on the lawn
An illustration of several devices connected via GARDENA smart system

The only complete smart garden solution out there.

GARDENA is the only brand on the market offering a complete and interconnected smart solution for your garden that let's you care for your garden in a way that's ideal for your plants and effortless for you. With the GARDENA smart system you automate your Robotic Lawnmower based on intelligent schedules and, let the soil sensor control your watering and irrigation system when your lawn, plants and flowers actually need it based on weather forecast and intelligent schedules. Control your garden lights and other electronic devices with the smart Power Adapter. All by itself or with a convenient tip of your finger. Wherever you are, at any time.

GARDENA smart system devices connected in the garden
A smartphone displaying the various functionalities in the GARDENA smart App

Your entire garden at your fingertips. The GARDENA smart App.

With the GARDENA smart App, you can easily control your GARDENA smart system devices, whether you are cosily sitting on your living room couch or enjoying a vacation abroad. At one glance, it shows exactly where and when watering or mowing should take place and let's you adjust your settings and schedules. The app supports you in setting up your robotic lawnmower or irrigation system and in creating an ideal schedule for your garden. Our gardening experts poured their knowledge into helpful features like the plant library and the smart Assistant, giving you all the tools you need to create the garden of your dreams. 
The GARDENA smart App is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

The GARDENA smart gateway and a person grabbing a smartphone

The heart of the smart system: the GARDENA smart Gateway.

The smart Gateway with a proven wireless connection with long-range radio link ensures a reliable connection to the smart devices in the garden and is connected to the Internet router via WLAN or LAN cable.

A GARDENA smart SILENO robotic lawnmower in the garden

smart SILENO lawnmower

Experience the next level of smart lawncare. The SILENO lawnmowers are packed with technology and features creating the best results for your lawn.

A GARDENA smart water control system

smart Water Control

Fully automated and sustainable watering based on smart schedules and real-time weather data, to protect your plants from overwatering or withering.

A GARDENA smart sensor

smart Sensor

For optimum and economical watering, the smart Sensor measures soil moisture quickly, reliably and accurately, to tell you what exactly your plants need.

A GARDENA smart irrigation control device

smart Irrigation Control

Control up to 6 irrigation valves of your fully automatic garden independently and tend to your lawn, plants and flowers according to what they need.

A GARDENA smart garden pump

smart Home & Garden Pump

Fully automatic, energy-saving and convenient smart pump for using rain or well water in your garden watering system or for supplying water to your household appliances.

A GARDENA smart power adapter

smart Power Adapter

Easy solution for controlling and integrating your garden lights, fountains and other electric devices into the GARDENA smart system.

LONA Intelligence

The next level of smart lawn care: LONA™ Intelligence.

The LONA™ Intelligence is a brand-new and unique feature for smart SILENO mowing robots that learns, maps and adapts to your individual garden. The AI learns your garden layout, knows where to mow more frequently and where to stay away (based on the zones you defined via app), and allows you to pinpoint the location of your SILENO in real-time.

A GARDENA robotic lawnmower in the garden

Product advisor

Which GARDENA smart product is right for you? Answer a few questions and get the recommendation on which model is the best for your specific needs.

A man in the kitchen

Seamlessly connects with your smart home.

The GARDENA smart system is compatible with the leading smart home platforms such as Apple Home, Google Home, Amazon Alexa and others. Create personal routines and individual connections to network with a wide variety of third-party devices or services.

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Sophisticated technology, simple setup.

Getting your GARDENA smart system running is easy! Once you decide which smart device(s) you want to start with, the GARDENA smart App takes you by the hand in getting started quickly. It provides simple step-by-step instructions with clear illustrations, tips and helpful wizards to create watering and mowing schedules. You can adopt the schedules any time, set night mode schedule or weather optimised schedule.

Step 1

Get your first GARDENA smart product set

Enter the world of smart gardening with GARDENA smart system. Whether it's lawn mowing, automatic irrigation or pumps, easily choose between the product sets offered to get started quickly. Every set includes a hardware product and a smart Gateway.

Step 2

Get the GARDENA smart App

The GARDENA smart App takes you by the hand in getting started quickly with your smart system setup, which includes the GARDENA Gateway installation too. With the GARDENA smart App, you have full control over your GARDENA smart devices that allows scheduling of various gardening tasks at your convenience.

Step 3

Expand your GARDENA smart system

You can expand your GARDENA smart system with more smart devices anytime you like. Below you will find an overview of all the products available for integration. Adding new devices is easy and just takes a few steps in the app.

A man sitting in the garden with his smartphone

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