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Garden Pump 3700/4 BASIC
Référence : 9014-47


A high-performance quiet multi-purpose pump for all your gardening needs

The compact and heavy-duty GARDENA Garden Pump 3700/4 BASICis a high performance, yet low energy consumption model and is perfectly designed for various pumping tasks in your garden. Whether you want to water your plants, boost water pressure, drain your garden pond or pump ground water, tap water and rainwater, this is the pump you can rely on to carry out your simple pumping jobs. The Garden Pump 3700/4 BASIC's high pumping volume helps you get on with your gardening tasks quickly and efficiently. This sturdy, durable and compact electric pump is easy to use, providing high suction power (7m) along with high pressure (4.1 bar) to boost performance with up to 3700 l/h. With GARDENA pumps, top performance comes hand in hand with durability provided by self-protective technologies. The thermal protection switch will stop the motor getting overloaded. The stainless steel shaft gives the product a longer lifetime because it is protected from rust. It is easy to fill and empty due to the large filling openings and comfortable to carry with its ergonomic handle. Another practical feature is the drain screw, which allows any remaining water to be drained away, meaning your pump is protected from potential frost damage in winter. What’s more, this robust and compact pump is designed to be stably and securely positioned on the ground. Your neighbours will be happy too because the pump is low-noise and almost vibration free, thanks to its sturdy cast iron housing. The GARDENA Garden Pump 3700/4 BASIC is made to last with top quality materials, such as a cast iron housing and the hardened stainless steel shaft. The Garden Pump 3700/4 BASICis a versatile multi-purpose pump with high power, delivering increased water pressure to help make your home and garden chores easier. It's a good value for-money option for those simple pumping tasks you occasionally need to do around your home. Feel the power of GARDENA pumps and harness more than 40 years’ expertise in drainage, irrigation and domestic use.
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Référence 9014-47
Code EAN : 4078500056717

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