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Automatic Watering that works alongside you.

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Efficient watering: the easy way to save water

Water is a precious resource that must be conserved. One way to achieve this is to water your garden efficiently, which can help to save up to 70 percent of the water used in more traditional methods. Using a clever approach to watering also means you can give your plants the exact amount of water they need.


Conserving resources

With a drip irrigation system, the correct amount of water is dispensed directly to where it is needed: the roots. A precise method of watering that saves water — drop by drop.


Healthy plants

Crunchy cucumbers, an abundance of sweet strawberries and truly luscious blooms — healthy plants and a fruitful harvest are the rewards we can reap from a properly watered garden.


More free time

An automatic watering system ensures that your plants always receive an optimal level of care. Once programmed, a reliable watering system will take care of the work — leaving you to enjoy your leisure time.

GARDENA watering solutions at a glance

GARDENA has the perfect watering solution for every garden: Simply choose the best system for the size of your garden and the individual needs of your plants.

A GARDENA Automatic irrigation system in the garden


A beautiful lawn, thick hedges, an abundance of flowers and a bountiful harvest from your vegetable patches: You can achieve all of this with the right watering solution for your garden.

A woman taking care of her plants on her balcony

Balconies and terraces

Not much space? With NatureUp! and the Cooling Mist Set, even the smallest space can be turned into an oasis.

Close-up of GARDENA watering technique installed in a plant pot

Holiday watering

Whether you're going on holiday or just popping out: The Holiday Watering system takes care of your plants when you can't.


Who doesn't love a beautiful lawn, a bountiful harvest or truly luscious blooms? Watering your garden correctly is the best way to ensure great results. We can provide the right solution for any requirement.

Bird's eye view on a tablet with the GARDENA garden planner application

Watering Control

When should plants be watered? How often? And for how long? Once programmed, automatic irrigation control takes care of watering your plants for you.

Close-up of a GARDENA Micro-Drip-System


Use it for hedges, beds and pot plants: The water-saving drip irrigation system is so versatile.

A person connects his garden hose to the pipeline system

Water pipeline

The GARDENA Pipeline delivers water to every corner of your garden. The underground water pipes and connectors transport water to the points in your garden where it is really needed.

A GARDENA sprinkler in action


Unobtrusive pop-up sprinklers installed underground water the lawn and other areas of your garden. They vanish back down into the ground once their work is done.

Balconies and terraces

Where is the perfect place for breakfast in the morning sunshine? On the balcony or terrace of course, among flowers, vegetables and climbing plants! Our watering solutions will help you get the most out of limited space.

A woman taking her of her plants on the balcony

NatureUp! The vertical gardening system

The flexible system for quickly and effortlessly transforming bare walls into eye-catchers, with flowers, herbs and vegetables.

GARDENA Outdoor Cooling Mist Set installed in a garden

Outdoor Cooling Mist Set

This set provides a nice fresh kick on hot days and cools the ambient air by up to 6 degrees.

Holiday Watering

You'll never have to ask your neighbours for a favour again. Small sets with automatic watering solutions ensure that plants in your garden, on your balcony and in your home are in good condition while you are on your travels.

GARDENA holiday watering technique installed in some plant pots

Watering without the water supply

Water your flower boxes and pots without connecting to a tap.

Close-up of a GARDENA Micro-Drip-System

Every drop counts

Water is a precious resource, so it is important to water plants efficiently. How does that work?

Bird's-eye view of people using the GARDENA Garden Planner

Design your dream garden

With GARDENA My Garden, it's so easy to create your own garden and sprinkler plan.