combisystem Bypass Branch Pruner incl. Telescopic Handle
Artikli nr : 298-30


Cut high branches from the ground - fresh wood

The GARDENA combisystem Bypass Branch Pruner with 5-fold transmission is ideally suited for cutting fresh branches in high trees. In combination with the GARDENA combisystem Telescopic Handle 210 - 390 cm (Art.No. 3721), branches can be easily cut from the ground, without a ladder, and trimmed up to great heights. The safety lock guarantees that the connection remains secure. The integrated double lever transmission and the 5-fold transmission allow enormous saving of effort. This guarantees effortless cutting of branches up to approx. 35 mm in diameter. The non-stick coated blades with adjusted geometry for defined branch fixation (branch cannot move while cutting) guarantee a clean and precise cut, as well as easy cleaning. Especially convenient: the pruner can be hung onto branches, resulting in even less effort for cutting. Due to the adjustable D-grip a powerful, convenient and ergonomic operation is possible. The D-grip has a rope-storage (the rope doesn’t get tangled during work/storage) with fixation for the end of the rope on both sides. The pulling cord is 4,7 m long and tear-proof and can be easily operated. The combisystem Anvil Branch Pruner can also be used without handle. Incl. combisystem Telescopic Handle 210 - 390 cm (Art.Nr. 3721). The warranty period is 25 years.
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Artikli nr 298-30
EAN-Code: 4078500012638

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