Combisystem saplar - GARDENA

Combisystem için saplar

You and your preferences

Not everyone is the same, and we like to create user's need based products.


Body height

The length of the handle you need depends on your height. Therefore GARDENA combisystem handles are available in several different lengths and some of them even have telescopic functionalities, so that you can adapt the length to suit each person's height or application.



The GARDENA handle shafts are available either in wood or aluminium. What you should choose depends mostly on personal preferences. Wood is a natural material and feels great in your hands. Aluminium is very light.

Hangi bahçe işlerini yapmak istersiniz?

Yapmak istediğiniz bahçe işinin türü, sap seçimi için çok önemlidir.

A GARDENA rake in the soil

This kind of work requires near body position with the handle for most ergonomics and efficiency. Therefore a shorter handle is recommended.

A person collects leaves with a fan rake

This kind of work requires an up-right position and more operating distance. Therefore a longer handle is recommended.

A man collecting apples from the tree with a fruit picker

Here we recommend a telescopic handle that can be extended for use in taller trees.

A woman collecting leaves with an adjustable fan rake

For those who need a bit extra back protection we recommend the ergoline handle Aluminium 150 plus, which allows an back-friendly up-right working position and an ergonomical grip.