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Five solutions for watering plants on the balcony without a tap

Your ornamental plants, shrubs, fruits and vegetables need watering in order to grow. But how can you water them properly when there’s no tap on the balcony? Drip irrigation kits, water storage pots, smart watering systems or even watering cones are all options to make this easier.

1. Drip irrigation kits

Automatic drip irrigation is the best solution to reduce water consumption while guaranteeing accurate, targeted irrigation of both pot plants and those planted out in the yard. Its defining feature is that it adapts to the specific needs of each of your plants by delivering just the amount of water that’s needed, where it’s needed. Most drip irrigation kits comprise a water control mechanism, irrigation unit, hose and integrated nozzles, but you can add a variety of accessories to suit your needs. 

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2. Watering cones

Irrigation cones are simple to use and very convenient, making them the perfect solution if you’re going to be away for a while. Available in ceramic, terracotta or plastic, watering cones can be screwed onto a bottle of water. Sitting discreetly in pots and planters on the balcony, they continuously deliver just the right amount of water to ensure your plants will survive when you go on vacation.

3. Connected watering

You can also make your life easier by choosing a smart watering system. Connected to a smartphone, it lets you keep an eye on your plants and take care of them at any time, from wherever you happen to be. With these systems, controlling watering cycles in real time, and deciding what needs watering and where, is a breeze!

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4. Water storage pots, tubs and containers

Usually made of plastic and available in various designs, these self-contained watering systems feature a double bottom that serves as a water tank. They’re kept separate from the soil by a drilled grid which allows the exchange of water. Top tip: Water storage pots are particularly recommended for plants that enjoy permanently moist soil.

5. An upturned bottle of water

Looking for a low-cost solution? A simple bottle of water can work just as effectively, and this makeshift system is very easy to set up. Take a plastic bottle and punch some small holes in the cap with a nail and hammer; then cut off the bottom of the bottle to allow a continuous flow of water.