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GARDENA smart Pressure Pump Set

GARDENA smart Pressure Pump Set
€ 549,99



Economical and Efficient

The energy-saving GARDENA smart Pressure Pump features convenient and fully automatic operation. Intelligent electronics activate the pump when required and then automatically turn it off again. Individual watering times can be programmed for automatic garden irrigation.

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Optimal Pump Performance

The pump’s integrated check valve guarantees easy handling and quick commissioning. The optimised suction process ensures that water can be pumped from a depth of up to eight metres in just a few minutes.


Wide Range of Applications

Two outlets on the pressure side make it possible to simultaneously use two connecting devices. The low-quantity programme ensures the smooth operation of even the smallest delivery capacities, for example for modern washing machines or drip irrigation systems. A dry-running safety feature protects the pump from damage, due to a lack of pumping medium.


Everything Under Control

With the free GARDENA smart App for iOS and android, you always have the pump’s pressure or delivery volume under control. Information about potential malfunctions can also be verified via mobile telephone and detailed written information about their elimination is also available.


Secure Connection

The smart Gateway enables cable-free network communications between all GARDENA smart system devices and the GARDENA smart App. The stable and secure connection takes place using tried and tested radio technology. Two integrated high-performance antennas ensure a stable and secure connection even over extensive ranges.


Verschillende toepassingen in huis en tuin - set van GARDENA smart system met smart Gateway

De GARDENA Smart 5000/5E Hydrofoorpomp set is ideaal als watervoorziening voor in huis, maar kan ook perfect gebruikt worden als geprogrammeerde besproeiingspomp. Alle functies van de pomp zijn eenvoudig in te stellen via de GARDENA smart app op uw smartphone of tablet. In de app is ook alle informatie te zien, zoals de druk van de pomp, de geleverde hoeveelheid water en informatie over eventuele storingen. De Smart hydrofoorpomp is uitgerust met een 1300 Watt sterke pomp die snel en betrouwbaar tot 5000 liter water per uur pompt. De inklapbare handgreep zorgt voor ruimtebesparende opslag en eenvoudig transport. De pomp wordt geleverd inclusief smart gateway, die zorgt voor de verbinding tussen de router en de pomp.

Technische specificaties

Artikelnr. 19106-20
EAN-Code: 4078500022545


Vermogen 1300 W
Max. toevoercapaciteit 5000 l/h
Maximale druk 5 bar
Max. aanzuiging bij zelfaanzuiging 8 m
Max. toevoer kop head 50 m
Kabellengte 1.5 m
Type voedingskabel H07 RNF
Elektrische beschermingsklasse IP X4

Overall dimensions

Afmetingen product, LxBxH 47x26x34 cm
Gewicht 14 kg

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