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Spring-cleaning on the terrace

Removing winter residue – here is how to get rid of the dirt.

Sweeping away dirt

Before taking the garden furniture out of the garage again for spring, cleaning the terrace is certainly pays off. In this manner, discoloration of the terrace ground will be prevented. Coarse dirt is most easily swept away using a bristly broom.

Removing green growth from the terrace

In order to remove unwanted green growth and other deposits, chemicals are not always needed; after all, these may be harmful to the environment. Moss and lichen can be removed by pouring boiling hot water onto the areas affected. In this manner, the green growth is killed and, at the same time, softened, and can then simply be scrubbed off.

Expert tip

Take advantage of the weather or times of the day which are reasonably dry or not too windy. Sweeping can then be done as neatly, quickly and simply as possible.

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