Balconies and patios in winter

Garden Life
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Garden lovers who don't want to stop working outdoors even in the winter can give their balcony or patio a facelift. There are a few things you can do outside even during the cold season; withered flowers can be replaced by evergreens such as firs, cherry laurel, box and wild rosemary.

Spaced-out planting is recommended so that there is still space between the evergreens for flowering plants such as hellebores, winter jasmine and spring heath. Such plants can then make way for spring plants such as primroses, snowdrops and crocuses once winter is over.

Winter is also the ideal time to put your garden under a magnifying glass. Where is there less or more frost? Where is there less or more sunlight? Asking these questions allows you to better plan your planting in the following gardening year and select milder positions in your garden for more sensitive plants.