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The Battery System made for Gardening

Lightweight and ergonomic: The 18 V Battery System
For heavy duty jobs: The 40 V Battery System

Cut, prune, trim, blow, mow: With the GARDENA HeartBeat Battery System, you can use one battery for all garden applications. The exchangeable battery can be used in a variety of GARDENA tools. So once you have a battery system product set, you can easily expand your system with more tools.

Which battery system suits your garden? GARDENA makes choosing the right battery system easy: The 18 V Li-Ion battery system is lightweight and ergonomic. For heavy duty jobs we recommend the 40 V Li-Ion battery system.1

GARDENA Battery Technology

Europe's No. 1 in Battery

One system battery – many possibilities

Always ready to use, extremely flexible and environmentally friendly - battery- powered garden equipment is becoming increasingly popular among amateur gardeners. GARDENA has been a pioneer leading the way for technological progress in the garden, and has worked continuously to develop its products ever since. Garden owners know the value of convenience and are opting for Battery products from GARDENA more and more often.

The 18 V Gardening Battery System from GARDENA

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✓ Lightweight & ergonomic
✓ Easy to use
✓ Long battery run time (up to 60 minutes)

Gardens deserve the perfect battery-powered technology at their heart. The 18 V HeartBeat Battery System is the energy supply for various garden tools, including devices for cutting, pruning, trimming, collecting leaves and mowing, making everything easier. "Cut, prune, trim, blow and mow" - it almost sounds like a HeartBeat.

How to get started with the Gardening Battery System

How to take part - step 1

Get a product set

The easiest way to get started is to purchase a set offer. It contains a product, battery and charger as a basic setup.
How to take part - step 2

Expand your system

If you already have a set offer at home, you can expand your own system with any device needed in your garden. No additional charger or additional battery are necessary.

The 40 V Gardening Battery System from GARDENA

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✓ For heavy duty jobs
✓ Fast charging battery
✓ Long battery run time (up to 65 minutes)
The 40 V GARDENA HeartBeat System works like a "mini power plant", supplying energy with exceptional durability and precision. It provides power to devices that require substantial energy, such as when cutting, trimming, cleaning, removing leaves or mowing. It's the perfect technology for reliably powering devices for heavy duty tasks.

New: High-Pressure Washer Aqua Clean Li-40/60

For powerful cleaning in outdoor areas without a power and water connection

1 The maximum initial no-load voltage of the battery is 40 V, the nominal voltage is 36 V.
* September 2017 – August 2018 in DE, FR, NL, BE, IT (GARDENA market research)