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  • Soft Sprayer 450ml (Art. No. 11102-20)
  • Pump Sprayer 1 litre (Art. No. 11112-20)
  • Pressure Sprayer 1.25 litre (Art. No. 11120-20)
  • Pressure Sprayer 5 litre (Art. No. 11130-20)
GARENA Pressure sprayers
Soft Sprayer:
The Soft Sprayer serves appropriate irrigation for plant cultivation and will certainly sprout with success. It enables you to supply your seedlings with water in a targeted and gentle manner through drip or spray irrigation, which also prevents the small plants and soil from being washed out.

Pump Sprayer 1L:
The Pump Sprayer 1L has many great features that will help you water your plants and flowers in your house and garden. The additional opening with measuring cap offers you a successful 3-in-1 function. Through this second opening you can easily fill the pump sprayer, add the correct dose of fertiliser and empty it again.

Pressure Sprayer 1.25L:
The Pressure Sprayer 1.25 L is ideally suited for your balcony and patio plants' care. Many useful features ensure simple operation with a high degree of convenience, regardless of whether you want to spray your plants or provide additional protection with a home-made bug spray.

Pressure Sprayer 5L :
If you want to spray bushes, vines, trees or other plants with accuracy, the Pressure Sprayer 5 L  is a very good choice. It is equipped with numerous useful functions that will give you a helping hand to mist your plants. Thanks to the padded carrying straps, the sprayer lies comfortably on your shoulder. The telescopic spraying lance with angled nozzle ensures a long range and flexible use.

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