Tropical potted plants need humidity

Garden Life
Tropical indoor plants, like different types of palms or the Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea Recurvata), are most at home in European homes. As these unique plants come from other, more tropical countries and are actually used to other climatic conditions, they need special attention.
In the winter months when the dry heating air causes some difficulties for these plants, they need special care. Tropical plants are accustomed to high temperatures with high humidity which is usually not available in our homes.

In order to create a similar climate, you should spray water on the top and bottom of the leaves of your tropical plants regularly. This can be done easily with a conventional spray bottle or pump sprayer. This way, you increase the humidity in the room which provides the required climate for your palms or other tropical indoor plants and makes them thrive better.

Additionally, you should also observe the general state of the plant. Dry leaves, branches or other shoots should be removed. The soil also needs to be checked regularly with your fingertips to see whether it is too dry or too moist. If you act accordingly and water them whenever required, your tropical plants will thrive, grow stronger and thank you.