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Three Ideas for Walled Gardens

Walled gardens create a lovely private and structured garden area to enjoy. Big or small, walled gardens give you a great deal of flexibility and the platform for lots of creativity too. That's why the Gardena team has collected our favourite ideas for walled gardens.

We love the fact they offer gardeners the ability to take advantage of many different types of plants and the fact you can design and create zoned areas - which respond to the changing seasons and light and shade in your garden. Also, there’s something romantic about repairing to a walled garden (preferably with a nice cup of tea or perhaps a gin!) Creating a designated space for secluded relaxation and me-time.

The Gardena team has collected our favourite ideas for walled gardens – but we would love to see your thoughts and ideas too – please feel free to contact our marketing team here or post them at #gardenamoments

Herb gardens

Herb gardens are a firm favourite for owners of walled gardens; the fragrance (when you walk into your walled garden) will both invite and welcome you.

Children will be delighted by the fact they can use the herbs you grow to conduct some lovely DIY projects as well - such as home-made lotions and in cooking (when washed).

Herbs thrive in sunshine so it’s important to locate your herbs in a sunny spot. Luckily most herbs respond well to being housed in pots so you can move and select the location of your herbs in your walled garden with ease. Also, some herbs can be quite invasive and multiply like crazy so potting them can be a wise move.

Most herbs are annual or perennial making them relatively easy to maintain, but they can be particular in terms of watering and soil type – so it’s best to check this before selecting your herbs.

For foodie herbs we love basil, parsley, thyme and rosemary. And you can have the best of both worlds with flowering herbs; such as bee balm (which also attracts bees and butterflies – a nice bonus!), lavender, dill and not forgetting rosemary again!

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Fruit trees

How fun to find a fruit tree when you enter a walled garden – they create a focal point and centre piece – also we don’t mind the fact that you can get free fruit too!

In addition to this they can grow up walls and will enjoy the warmer micro-climate created by a walled garden.

When a fruit tree flowers it will offer an eye-catching and attractive addition to your garden – and they create a natural shaded area for different plant types (the benefits keep coming!)

The size and shape of fruit trees also offer versatility too – for example you could opt for a single stately apple tree or go for a row of smaller fruit trees to divide areas of the garden and create a natural path way.

Our favourite fruits for walled gardens include cherries, peaches, pears and fan-tailed fruit – south or west facing walls enjoy the heat and some fruit trees are susceptible frost - so the location of your tree should work in response to areas which receive warmth and daylight vs exposed areas.

Apple trees are hardier in comparison and do well in cooler areas of the garden – just in case you have that issue!

Remember to send us photos of your walled gardens or walled garden ideas. Or post to #gardenamoments

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Vertical gardens

Don’t forget the walls themselves - using the walls adds an extra dimension and a modern twist.

This works amazingly well for small walled gardens where space is at a premium (attention all urban gardeners!)

Vertical gardens provide extra privacy and give you the opportunity to indulge your creative flair.

At Gardena it’s hard to choose our favourite ideas for vertical gardens, we are torn because there so many stunning options.

Assorted green walls (which bring lots of different types of ferns, hostas and helxine together) make “a beautiful collage that’s also elegant” (as exclaimed by a member of our marketing team this morning.)

Other garden wall ideas include vintage retro creeping and trailing plants such as Sweet Pea and Ivy - and ostentatious ornamentals themed walls too (one word: orchids!)

We also find mix / match vertical gardens incredible too with patches and splashes of colour. It’s so hard to choose!

Before you decide you will want to determine whether your wall is in a shaded spot or one which sees a lot sun – as that should be first and foremost for your plant selection and design.

Fully green walls will usually respond well to shade, but flowering plants and ornamentals may be sensitive to the light i.e. need lots or be grateful for a little.

Next wall planters and watering. Wall planters should be both practical and pleasing – giving you the ability to water and plant easily whilst also providing a pretty showcase for your plants.

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