Prepare your Equipment

Garden Life
It´s getting warmer and brighter each day, the gardening season 2012 is near. To have a hassle free start, check all your equipment and whip it into shape. Clean, lubricate, refuel, test, charge, adjust – everything you can think of. We have some helpful advice for you.

Cutting tools:

Did you store your cutting tools dry and frost-proof during wintertime? In case you did not it might be possible that there are some oxidised areas and the links might not work as smooth as usual.
We suggest you use some steel wool and rub the affected areas clean. Afterwards check the sharpness of the blades and have them sharpened if necessary. 
Finally you take some grease for the links and some WD 40 or something similar for the blades. This will make gardening work a lot more fun and a lot easier for you.
This tip is for all cutting tools, mechanical, electrical, lawn, shrub and bush tools.

Lawn mower:

You can handle your lawnmower in a similar way. Give it a good clean, look to see if the blades are sharp and the links are lubricated. Plug in your electric mower and check its functions. Should problems occur, it can be checked and repaired by an authorised dealer before the season starts. If you have a petrol lawn mower check the oil, clean the air filter and the spark plug and change the fuel filter or alternatively take your lawn mower to an authorised dealer they will do all that for you. Refuel your lawn mower with fresh fuel – and you are ready to go.


Clean your water pump and especially the filter. Firstly make sure that you have filled up your pump with water, otherwise it can run dry and become damaged.


Check the sealing of all your GARDENA watering products ensuring that they have not been damaged by the cold, if necessary renew them. That guarantees drip free connections.
Besides the mechanical equipment you can also prepare other things like the soil, fertilizers and planting pots. That prepares you early and increases anticipation for the gardening season 2012.