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New products for practical city gardeners

Planting and plant care are now even easier

Over the past few years, GARDENA's city gardening range has already shown that, with the right facilities, you can be a gardener anywhere: inner-city balconies, roof terraces and small city gardens. For the 2019 season, GARDENA is further expanding its city gardening product range.
Watering plants is just as important in a large garden as it is in a small one. Nevertheless, small areas or pots and window boxes need to be watered carefully, to ensure the plants are not damaged and no soil is washed out of the container. The new GARDENA Balcony Sprayer is designed to do just that. It has an easy-to-use and compact shape and a particularly gentle spray with reduced water flow, which waters plants gently. The ergonomic trigger button with an integrated lock and infinitely variable water flow regulation, which can be operated with a single finger, make the Balcony Sprayer particularly comfortable to use.
And if there is no water supply available on the balcony or roof terrace, smart city gardeners can simply use the GARDENA Adapter for Indoor Taps to connect a hose. This can be attached to a tap in your kitchen or bathroom in just a few simple steps. You can then connect a hose with Original GARDENA System parts with ease.

The new GARDENA Textile Hose Liano is so easy to use. Thanks to its light weight and robust, yet particularly flexible material, the Liano is perfect for the smallest gardens, as it can be tucked away again after use without taking up lots of space. A special set for city gardeners, which includes a 10-metre fabric-coated hose, Original GARDENA Connectors and the Balcony Sprayer, comes in a high-quality, durable fabric basket that's perfect for storing the set.
But to have a balcony or terrace is filled with blooming flowers in summer, you have to plant something first. The new GARDENA Planting Mats can be used to make sure planting doesn't get messy. Simply place them under the pot or window box. Any soil and plants bits that are spilt are collected and can then be disposed of easily, without getting the ground or table dirty. The practical Planting Mat, which is made from water-repellent textile fabric, is available in three different sizes.
The new GARDENA Trimming Mat makes topiary work on boxwood and other shrubs easier. Simply place the cutting mat around the plant or plant pot like a large collar. This collar can be adjusted to the specific diameter of the pot or plant stem. Then you're ready to go. The clippings falls on the mat, so you no longer have to painstakingly pick them up from the ground, out of the soil in beds or from the rock garden. Because cleaning up should not take longer than the pruning itself. The Cutting Mat is also made of water-repellent material and is easy to clean.
The city gardening Balcony Sprayer and the NatureUp! Irrigation Extension Water Tank Set also have new features. Both sets are equipped with a newly designed pump and a new watering control. The modern design of the compact Water Control features a new selection of programmes, which is ideally suited to the NatureUp! Vertical Garden System. It also comes with a dry-run function. If there is not enough water in the tank, the pump automatically switches off so that it doesn't get damaged.
The Outdoor Cooling Mist Set Automatic will provide even more relaxing sunny days next season, as it already includes the GARDENA Easyplus Water Control. Thanks to their special settings, the nozzles automatically emit extremely fine and refreshing mist at short intervals.

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