Alps: A recipe by Rebecca Clopath

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Good King Henry tart with
Anna & Rose cheese
Burnet oil
Apple foam


50 g onions
10 g garlic
200 g Good King Henry (wild spinach)
200 g whipped cream
100 g cheese
90 g soybean oil
1 g salt
30 g burnet
Info: Burnet tastes quite similar to cucumber. Alternatively, you can use leek, fennel or parsley.
1 l apple juice


Cut the onions into fine strips and the garlic into fine slices, then fry in a little bit of butter. Add the Good King Henry, steam and add seasoning. Add the cream then simmer and season to taste. Next, grate the cheese. Mix the burnet with soybean oil and salt. Finally, bring one litre of apple juice to a boil, reduce to 100 ml and add. (We recommend boiling down the apple juice at the beginning. This takes at least 40 minutes.)

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