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Okraševanje balkona – 4 ideje za ustvarjanje očarljivega prostora


Worn shoes, old shelves, superfluous kitchen strainers, bowls – you can use any of these items to decorate your balcony. We reveal 4 great ideas for transforming your haven into a unique space.

Use alternative flowerpots to decorate your balcony

Are your shelves full of bowls and various containers you hardly ever use? Great, you can give them a new life by turning them into flower pots! You can also use scratched ceramic baking dishes and unused pots and cups. Or even turn your favourite worn shoes into a recycled planter. But there's one thing you mustn't forget – make holes in the bottom of the containers to avoid them becoming flooded with rainwater. The water will drain away perfectly, preventing your flowers becoming waterlogged. An alternative for ceramic vessels – fill with a layer of expanded clay under the soil.
Balcony Decoration

Bright moments with home-made candles

Everyone has simple lanterns. But why not create a radiant balcony decoration using glass bottles, branches and sand. Here's how easy it is: fill one or more glass bottles with sand up to about halfway to stand up the branches. When the branches are firmly in place, use wire loops to hang small tea lights from the branches. Tip: use different glass bottles and attractive branches to create a harmonious ensemble. When it's dark outside, your DIY candelabra will shine forth.

Attractive balcony shelves

Before banishing your fruit crate to the basement or even throwing it out, make space for it on your balcony wall. First give the crate a makeover by painting it, giving it an antique, shabby-chic look or whatever you fancy as long as it goes with the other balcony decoration. Fix the base of the crate securely to the wall and use this alternative shelf as an additional flower shelter. Along with fruit crates, other objects can be used to make frames, for example, Euro pallets or ladders.

Okrasite balkon - spremenite cedilo v visečo košaro za rože

Obstajajo številni nori predmeti, ki jih lahko uporabite za dekoriranje balkona. Celo preprosto kovinsko cedilo se lahko uporabi za okrasitev vašega zunanjega prostora. Cedilo je skoraj idealna posoda za rože, saj že ima luknje za odvajanje odvečne vode. Spremenite ta kuhinjski pripomoček na primer, v visečo košaro. Za to je potrebno pritrditi močne vrvice na ročaje in jo skupaj s cvetočo vsebino obesiti na primerno mesto & ndash; ob upoštevanju posebnih pogojev za rast rastline.