Посадка кустарников - проще, чем вы думали!

Уход за садом
Кустарник - это всесезонный гений: он обеспечивает тень, защищает от шума, ветра и чужих взглядов. Является красивой, декоративной заменой железному забору, а еще - обеспечивает пропитание птицам, насекомым и другим небольшим представителям животного мира. Вы тоже хотели бы иметь такой универсальный кустарник в своем саду? Тогда берите лопату и сделайте это!
Hedges can be divided into different categories. On the one hand there are hedges which need to be cut regularly or or left growing wild. On the other hand there are deciduous and evergreen hedges. The care measurements depend on the hedge variety. No matter which hedge variety you want to plant, the planting procedure is always the same.

You can plant hedges from September until the beginning of November. This way the roots will have enough time to ingrain with the warm soil before the first frosts occur. It is not recommended to plant hedges in summer because the evaporation through the leaves and pins is very high during this period. Nevertheless, if you decide to plant your hedges during summer or at end of springtime, you should keep in mind that the care measurements are very high. This is due to the heat and the low rainfall. Consequently, regular irrigation is a duty so that the plants are protected against drying out.

Теперь давайте поработаем лопатой!

Dig a deeper ditch at the selected place where your green wall is supposed to grow. Please make sure to keep enough space to the neighbouring garden and between the single plants. This is important since otherwise the hedge can become bald, brown and might die. Now plant your hedge by placing the single plants just into the ditch. In case your plant has a ball rag around the roots, just cut it open and push it aside. If your plant does not have a ball rag, it is recommended to put the roots into a bucket for about 10 to 15 minutes before planting. When all your plants are in the soil, you can start to fill the ditch with the excavation and tramp down the soil around the plants. Do not forget to water the newcomers. In order to keep the soil moist and to avoid the weed growth, you can put a layer of bark mulch, peat or compost onto the soil.

Разнообразие видов

Вечнозеленые кустарники:
Самшит, лавровишня, падуб, бирючина, жимолость.

Лиственные кустарники:
Граб, бук полевой, клен полевой, боярышник, лапчатка пятилистная, спирея сливолистная, кизил, лещина.

Тис, туя восточная.

Кустарники, не требующие обрезки:
В целом любое растение из кустарниковых можно не подвергать обрезке. Тогда кустарник сможет придать самый разнообразный вид вашему саду. 

Цветущие кустарники:
Ежевика, смородина, лещина, бирючина, бук полевой, бузина, терн.