The Power Pack for every Device.

Cut, prune, trim – whatever you are planning to do in the garden, the GARDENA 18V lithium ion exchangeable battery will provide the power for it. Easily switched from one device to another, lightweight to carry, efficient at work: a power pack for every device!

Lithium-ion batteries have revolutionised the way that energy is stored. They are small, compact and lightweight with a substantial energy density and a long life. The biggest advantage is that you no longer need an individual battery for each device - one battery will work in a variety of devices. Simply replace the battery and get started.

GARDENA 18 V Accu, EN (2016)_INT

18V Battery Products and Usage

One system battery - many possibilities

Always ready to use, extremely flexible and environmentally friendly — electric and battery-powered garden equipment is becoming increasingly popular among amateur gardeners. From as early as 1973, GARDENA has been a pioneer leading the way for technological progress in the garden, and has worked continuously to develop its products ever since. Garden owners know the value of convenience and are now opting for Electrical and Battery products from GARDENA more and more often.

Full power. Low noise. Greater independence. Full flexibility.


The latest GARDENA Li-ion battery technology

  • No memory effect, can be charged at any time as required
  • Long battery life with consistently high performance


GARDENA Battery Management System for increased safety

  • High-tech electronics for full control of all battery processes
  • Gentle but fast battery charging
  • Even discharge with overload protection and depp discharge protection
  • Safe storage without self-discharge


GARDENA POWER info indicator

  • Clear charging status indicator with 3 LEDs
  • Keeps you informed of the battery status at all times 


Lightweight and robust

  • Low weight for optimum working comfort
  • Resistant thanks to a particularly robust housing


30 % more power

  • New high-capacity 2.6 Ah battery cells
  • Up to 30 % longer runtime 

Discover the whole range now: Set offers or individual devices

GARDENA 18-V products are available as a battery-powered model with battery included, but also without a battery. Simply insert an existing system battery from a previously purchased product.

Step 1 for getting started with the GARDENA Battery System:
Purchase a set containing a product, battery and charger (as a basic setup).

Step 2: Expand your own system with any device.
No additional charger or additional battery are necessary.

Gardena 18 Volt Accu System