Effortlessly remove debris, leaves or grass clippings

Are you sick of sweeping paths and paving with your broom? Are you tired of raking all the leaves that have fallen on your lawn? Then it is time for a GARDENA garden blower or vac - either electrically or battery-driven.


Ergonomic & lightweight

GARDENA Blowers are made of lightweight materials and their ergonomic design makes them very easy to use. For best results in your garden.


Durable and powerful

The energy source for the GARDENA Accu Blower is the new lithium-ion battery. It has a long operation time, charging status indicators and is also suited for many other GARDENA battery-driven products.


Electric Blower/Vac

The GARDENA ErgoJet is the powerful and easy-to-use electric garden blower, which can be used for blowing, vacuuming and shredding leaves for a tidy garden. The optimal weight distribution, and its ergonomically shaped handle with soft grip, makes the handling of the ErgoJet very comfortable.


Easy to switch

The conversion from blow to vac mode or vice versa is quick and effortless thanks to the unique tool-free ClickFit feature. The integrated metal impeller enables a shredding ratio as high as 16:1 when vacuuming small debris. The wet leaves can also be removed with the scraper on the edge of the vacuum tube.

ErgoJet 3000
Article No. : 9332-20
Powerful Electric Blower Vac
Blower AccuJet Li-18
Article No. : 9335-20
Lightweight and easy to use cordless blower
Blower AccuJet Li-18 without battery
Article No. : 9335-55
BLOWER AccuJet 18-Li Blower AccuJet Li-18 w/o battery
Battery Garden Vac/Blower Set PowerJet Li-40
Article No. : 9338-20
Powerful battery-powered blower/garden vac for larger gardens and areas
Battery Garden Vac/Blower PowerJet Li-40 without battery
Article No. : 9338-55
Powerful battery-powered blower/garden vac for larger gardens and areas
GARDENA Interchangeable Li-Ion battery BLi-18
Article No. : 9839-20
The strong and reliable energy source
Battery Charger 18V
Article No. : 8833-20
For GARDENA Replacement Battery BLi-18.
Quick Battery Charger QC18
Article No. : 8832-20
For the GARDENA System Battery BLi-18
System Battery BLi-40/100
Article No. : 9842-20
The powerful and reliable energy source
System Battery BLi-40/160
Article No. : 9843-20
The powerful and reliable energy source
Quick Battery Charger QC40
Article No. : 9845-20
For all GARDENA Replacement Batteries BLi-40/100 and BLi-40/160