How do I add objects?

Open the object menu and click on the object you wish to add. All the objects that you can use to design your garden can be found here. There are three types of objects.


Shape objects

These objects allow you to place areas, e.g. lawns and porches, with the help of anchor points.


Brush objects

These objects allow you to draw object by hand with a brush, e.g. hedges, water, soil or paths.


Basic objects

Objects that you add to your garden by clicking on them and placing them on your work spade. These objects can be scaled and rotated.

How can I draw using Shape objects?

Click on a Shape object in the object menu, for instance Concrete. Click where you wish to begin with the first corner of the area. Then continue by clicking at the next corner. A straight line is formed between point 1 and 2. An area is clicked in place in this way. Click on the green checkmark when you are finished. Of course you can adjust the surface after it has been put in place by pulling placed dots, by adding more points or even creating curved surfaces.


How can I draw using Brush objects?

Click on a Brush object in the object menu, for instance Hedge. Click and hold down the button where you would like the hedge to begin. Keep the button pressed and drag with the mouse cursor. You can also choose between different brush sizes in the object menu.


How do I adjust objects?

Click on the drawn object to select it. You can then click and drag the object around the drawing area. You can also change object size by dragging out its corners. Note that the size of certain objects changes proportionally.

How do I delete objects?

It is possible to delete objects by selecting them, right-clicking and selecting delete. It is also possible to select an object and delete it by pressing the backspace or delete key on the keyboard.


How do I rotate objects?

Select the object. Hold the mouse cursor at the object’s selection corners to reveal the rotation icon. Note that this feature does not work with Shape objects and Brush objects.