How do I add objects?

Open the object menu and click on the object you wish to add - you can place it easily via drag and drop. You can find all of the objects for designing your garden in the menu. There are two types of objects available:


Shape objects

Use anchor points to place surfaces such as lawn, pavement and terraces.


Basic objects

Objects that you add to your garden by clicking on them and placing them on your drawing area. These objects can be scaled and rotated.

How do I use the shape tool when I'm planning my garden?

Click a surface in the object menu, for example "Lawn". Click where the first corner of the surface should be in the garden. Then click where the second corner should be — a line should appear between point 1 and point 2.

You can always adjust the position and size of the surface later by clicking the corners and moving them, adding more corners or creating curved surfaces.

My Garden Shaped Objects

How do I delete objects?

Select the object you would like to delete and click the dustbin icon. Alternatively, you can select the object and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard.


How do I rotate objects?

Select the object. Click on the round icon on the object. With the mouse button pressed, you can rotate the object as you like. Note that this feature can not be used on surface objects.