Spruce: A recipe by Rebecca Clopath

Pearl barley cooked in caraway stock
Spruce resin cream
and pickled fir shoots
Spruce seed crumble


400 g pearl barley
5 g caraway
20 g fresh egg yolk
40 g lukewarm water
20 g fine mustard
5 g mild vinegar
0.5 g spruce resin
150 g sunflower oil
100 g pear vinegar
10 g Birnel (thick pear juice)
40 g fir shoots
20 g sugar
10 g water
20 g spruce seeds



Info: Where to find spruce resin and spruce seeds

You'll have to go searching through forests and meadows to find spruce resin and spruce seeds! To harvest spruce seeds, simply place spruce cones upside down in a warm place. It's best to place a towel or plate underneath and watch how the seeds drop out. ​


Cook the pearl barley in the caraway stock. For the spruce resin cream, heat the egg yolk slowly over a water bath to 67°C. Mix the warm water you've prepared with the egg yolk, then add mustard and vinegar. Next, heat the spruce resin in sunflower oil until the resin has melted. Finally, add the cooled oil in strands (thin streams) or by hand using a whisk while stirring constantly. Season to taste with salt. For the pickle fir shoots, bring the pear vinegar with Birnel to a boil and add the fir shoots. The sweet spruce seed crumble comes last: Bring the spruce seeds, sugar and water to a boil in a pan on the stove. Crystallise and chop.

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