Hemp: A recipe by Rebecca Clopath

Hemp in steamed hemp flour with dumpling dough cooked in steam
Hemp oil
Kernel glaze
Flower pollen
Honey whey sorbet


30 g butter
111 g milk
5 g dry yeast
200 g flour
25 g sugar
4 g salt
3 g baking powder        
20 g hemp oil
40 g hemp seeds
20 g butter
4 g coarse salt
10 g flower pollen
Info: If you don't feel
like collecting the pollen
yourself, you can also
purchase it in a health
food shop!

500 g curdled milk
100 g honey



First, heat the butter and mix with milk in a food processor using a dough hook. Add the dry yeast at 35°C. Mix together flour, sugar, salt and baking powder and add by the spoonful to the food processor. Knead the entire dough for approximately five minutes and allow it to rise for an hour. Form small rolls or cook for 10 minutes in the steam basket. You can use a bamboo steam cooker — you might recognise these from Asian restaurants that serve dim sum. A steamer will also serve for this purpose. For the kernel glazing, roast the hemp kernels in butter, mix with coarse salt and heat. Garnish with the pollen at the end. For the honey whey sorbet, mix the curdled milk with honey until the mix has homogenised. Freeze the mixture in a Pacojet and "pacotise" after 24 hours, or turn using an ice cream maker. Drizzle hemp oil over the sorbet to finish.

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