Planting tips for desert candles

Garden Life
Why not arrange a beautiful eye catcher for next year?
August is a perfect month for planting bulbs of the desert candle (Eremurus).

Desert candles, also known as the foxtail lilies or eremurus, prefer sandy, well-drained soil and full sun areas which are protected against strong winds. Once you found a good location, dig a hole of 20-30 cm depth. Plants are readily affected by winter root rot, so a sand or gravel layer beneath is recommended to ensure proper drainage. Put in the bulb and close the hole with some loose soil. 

Covering of compost or bark mulch provides protection from frost. Keep a distance of 30 cm between each bulb. 

Depending on the species, the flowers bloom from May to July of the next season.
Image: © Flora Press/Visions