How to build an Insect Hotel: Step by step instruction


An experience for humans and beasts.

When it comes to the animal kingdom, insects certainly don't rank among the big favourites.

The fact that some insects are threatened by extinction has only recently become a topic of interest. Many people now have insect hotels in order to protect bees from extinction, for example.

Our guide will show you how to build one of these retreats - a creative crafts and construction project for the whole family. The necessary material is available either in your own garden, in nature or in a crafts and DIY shop.

What do you need to keep in mind?
Use non-toxic paint, such as PLAKA paint, when painting. The best thing is to inquire in a DIY or paint shop about which paint is appropriate. You can of course also leave your creation in its natural state.

You will need:

  • 2 x side panel (a), 50x15 cm
  • 1 x board (b), 50x15x1.8 cm
  • 2 x partition wall (c), 22.3x15 cm
  • 2 x wall for top and bottom (d), 50x15 cm
  • 1x roof board (e), 60x25 cm
  • 1x roof board (f), 58x25 cm
  • 1x rear wall (g), 53.6x80x0.4 cm
  • 1 piece of chicken wire (h), 54x80 cm
  • Small nails, at least 15 (ideally L-shaped)
  • Wood screws, at least 20 (length: 45 cm, diameter: 4 mm)
  • Wood screws, at least 20 (length: 30 cm, diameter: 3 mm)

For all wooden boards, we recommend a thickness of 1.8 cm.

Here's what to do:

The insect hotel can accommodate a variety of different rooms. Creating individual rooms is easy with different materials and utensils. Here are some examples:

#1 Coat the bottom of a tin can with glue and fill with reed stalks.

#2 Thin interwoven branches are a great refuge and a practical filling material.

#3 Drill small holes into round pieces of wood and split logs. These holes should have a diameter of at least 3 mm. You should only use well-dried hardwood for this and exercise caution when drilling. Children must always be helped and supervised by adults.

#4 Egg cartons can provide great accommodation for spiders and beetles if lined with straw and moss. Cut in some holes to create direct passage between the basic structure of the "hotel" and the entrance holes.

#5 Fir cones and small pieces of tree bark serve as a retreat for small insects.