Basic gardening equipment for your flower garden

Garden Life
As a beginner gardener, the first gardening equipment needed is generally manual or muscle-operated garden tools such as spades, weeding hoes and secateurs. You don’t have to pay out a great deal of money for these. However, it is worth focussing on quality from the start, and ignoring discounter offers.
Which and how many garden tools you require is dependent on how large the flower beds to be processed are, and how they are to be designed or planted.
If, for example, large areas must be processed, it is certainly worth selecting tools for loosening the soil which have a long handle, so that you can work standing up straight. If your flowers are planted exclusively in pots or window boxes, there is no reason why small tools with short handles shouldn’t be perfectly sufficient.

The seven available garden tool groups

1. Tools for rough soil and earth processing work
2. Tools for loosening soil, maintaining soil and for combatting weeds
3. Planting aids
4. Cutting tools
6. Irrigation
7. Spare parts and accessories such as replacement blades, gardening gloves and transportation containers for garden waste

Which tools should be part of your basic equipment for your flower garden?

We would like to go easy on your purse, and have compiled an exemplary initial set to a total value of 200.00 EUR. Our flower bed has a total area of approx. four square metres.
Calculated over the entire first gardening year, you would thus spend 16.66 EUR per month (200 EUR/12 months). 

Soil and earth processing work
1x Terraline Spading Fork (39.99 EUR*) 

Soil loosening, soil care and weed-combatting
1x combisystem Handle, 130 cm (10.99 EUR*)
1x combisystem Grubber, (9.99 EUR*)
1x combisystem Rake, 8 prongs (8.99 EUR*)
1x combisystem Hoe, 14 cm wide (13.49 EUR*) 

Planting aids
1x Trowel (3.99 EUR*)
1x Weeding Trowel (10.49 EUR*)
1x Bulb Planter (11.49 EUR*) 

Cutting tools
1x Comfort Secateurs (41.99 EUR*) 

1x Spiral Hose Set (10 m spiral hose with fittings and Fine Spray Gun.) (43.99 EUR*)
1 pair of Gardening Gloves, (4.99 EUR*)
(*Recommended retail price incl. VAT)

What should you look out for when making your purchase?

1. The handle for your tools should be interchangeable, as it is annoying if the entire tool has to be replaced. Ash is a highly robust and hard wood, which is excellent for wooden handles and lies well in the hand. If the tools used should be light in weight, aluminium handles are particularly suitable, in particular for tools which require pulling movements. Please ensure that you select the correct handle length in accordance with your body size. In terms of sustainability please look out for the FSC symbol, which guarantees sustainable forestry in the cultivation of trees. 

2. Good processing is worth the effort. Garden tools are constantly exposed to humidity, intensive use and falls. The basic materials should be well-processed, hard and rustproof.

3. GARDENA offers a 25-year guarantee on all combisystem handles and tools.
Since 01.01.2015, GARDENA also offers a 25-year guarantee on all Terraline™ products. This is a quality promise which lasts a very long time.
Focus on quality, and invest in durable garden tools. In addition to guarantee durations, compare which seals of assurance are on the tools, and whether spare parts can be procured.