An unknown animal in my garden

Garden Experts
Dear garden expert, perhaps you can help me? I am in despair. For quite some time now, an unknown pest has been causing trouble in my inner courtyard. In the mornings, I always look whether the soil in my beds or pots has been thrown out, or whether a deep hole has been dug into the earth. In addition, some young flowering plants have been eaten completely. Is this a root vole? I had one of them once, but the holes were dug from below. These are dug from above! What kind of animal could that be, and how can I drive it away?

The GARDENA gardening expert

Dear Ms. G., I'd love to help you out, but without seeing the damage, it is difficult. Could you possibly send me photographs so that I can gain an impression of the situation for myself? What do you mean by “dug from above”? 

If something has dug around only in the topsoil of the bed, forming a flat depression, then this could be cats or wild rabbits. 

Can you see toothmarks on the eaten plants? In this way you might be able to see whether mice or rabbits have eaten them. 

Root voles do indeed work “from below” by burrowing vertically oval tunnels (moles burrow horizontally oval tunnels). 

In this way they reach the roots of plants and eat them. You can put snap traps baited with carrots, for example, down into these tunnels to catch root voles.