GARDENA smart system

The smart system for the modern garden

App-controlled intelligent lawn care and demand-based irrigation – this was the fundamental concept of the GARDENA smart system that convinced garden owners. Today the smart system has even more to offer and includes three additional new products in 2018 to make garden care as simple and effortless as possible.

One year following its launch, the GARDENA smart system was expanded to include the smart Pressure Pump, for application as fully automatic electronic pressure pump or as time-controlled garden pump. The smart Battery was also added, suitable for all GARDENA devices with a 40 V* system battery. When these devices are operated with the smart Battery, they can be seamlessly integrated into the smart system. The app display continuously informs about the charge level of the smart Battery or the remaining operating time and issues alerts in the event of extreme heat or cold.

Additional new products will be joining the range in the 2018 garden season. The Lawn Care segment will welcome the launch of the new GARDENA smart SILENO city. The new smart Robotic Lawnmower has an area performance of maximum 500 square metres and is ideally suited for row houses or modern urban gardens. It is equipped with the SensorCut system and consequently provides stripe-free and even mowing results. It operates so quietly that it neither disturbs garden owners nor their neighbours. It masters inclines of up to 25 per cent and the compact and manoeuvrable Robotic Lawnmower even manages narrow corridors and passageways without a problem.

Garden owners now even enjoy greater flexibility with watering control. The new GARDENA smart Irrigation Control allows flexible control of up to six separate irrigation zones with the system’s smart App. An optimal water supply is under control, especially in a garden with versatile landscaping and plants with varying requirements. In connection with a smart Sensor, the water requirement can be accurately determined for each irrigation zone. If it has already rained or if the soil is still moist enough, the pre-programmed irrigation times will be skipped.

GARDENA smart Power is the simple solution for integrating any electronic device into the smart system. The new plug is controlled by app and operates according to the times scheduled in the app or with a timer function, for example for garden lighting, a fountain or the pond pump. GARDENA smart Power is splash-proof and thus optimally suited for outdoor use.

In addition to these new products, continuous updates to the smart App will also make operation of the individual units even simpler and provide a growing range of system options. This includes current work on a plant library, which will make garden irrigation even more appropriate and effective.

GARDENA is also establishing an ecosystem for all matters related to the smart garden. As a result, GARDENA will be opening its Smart system to other manufacturers until the end of the year, and encourages integration in leading smart home ecosystems.

The GARDENA smart App is available free of charge in the Apple App Store and on Google Play and is also available at for every desktop PC, notebook, tablet or mobile device with a modern browser. The app informs its users about the latest updates and new functions, as soon as these are available for use.

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