GARDENA Handheld Spreader

The perfect dosage for quick sowing and fertilising

Fertilising requires great attention to detail. The lawn is particularly slow to forgive mistakes and displays ugly spots or burn marks when overfertilised. That won’t happen again with the new GARDENA Spreaders and Handheld Spreaders, because the spreading material is evenly distributed and no longer falls out when the spreader is standing or during filling. And operation of the spreader has never been so convenient.

Over time the lawn loses nutrients. Hobby gardeners can prevent this and nurture their lawns by fertilising regularly. But this not only requires the right fertiliser and timing, particular care must be taken to get the dosage right.

Starting in the 2018 gardening season, those who want to play it safe will reach for the new GARDENA Spreader or the practical Handheld Spreader.

For small lawn areas, like those found in small city gardens, the new GARDENA Handheld Spreader is a particularly suitable choice. It is operated with a hand crank.

The rotation speed regulates the spreading range, which is up to four metres. The quantity setting for the spreading material is adjusted in four increments directly on the ergonomically formed handle. No tipping, no clogging – the free-running spreading disk provides optimal functionality and even distribution of the spreading material.

The new GARDENA Spreader L is suitable for use in larger areas up to 400 square metres. The spreading width is 45 centimetres and the container holds a volume of 12.5 litres. The highly elastic spreading roller is responsible for the perfectly even and precise distribution of the spreading material, on only those areas where it is required.

This is due to the sliding cover in an innovative material mix, which closes the spreading container so tightly that no spreading material can accidentally fall out when the device is stationary, during filling and when moving, or spill out after use. The Spreader can be easily operated with the on/off function on the handle. Even the spreading quantity can be easily adjusted there, without straining the back or having to bend down.

The new GARDENA Spreader XL holds a volume of 18 litres. This makes it possible to fertilise or sow seeds on large areas of up to approximately 800 square metres without having to stop for a refill. The spreading range varies from 1.5 to 6 metres, depending on walking speed.

This model can also be easily operated with the on/off function on the handle. An adjustable covering panel on the spreading disk enables demarcation of the distribution area for the spreading material and even enables spreading right up to the edge, for example to avoid flower beds or the terrace. It also protects the user during spreading, since it does not allow any spreading material to be thrown backward.

The Handheld Spreader and the Spreader can be used with spreading material in a variety of particle sizes: for example with fertilisers, seeds, granulate, sand or road salt. This enables their year-round use and makes them practical helpers for property care during both summer and winter.

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