40 volt GARDENA System Battery

The Battery System for convenient garden care

Battery-driven garden tools are becoming increasingly popular – they offer extremely flexible handling, are always ready for use and they are also environmentally friendly. With the new HeartBeat System, GARDENA offers full flexibility for every area of application in the garden with an 18 volt or 40 volt* GARDENA System Battery.

With GARDENA, garden owners find the right device for every application, including battery-powered units. The new GARDENA Systems have many advantages, which garden owners have come to value over time. Since 1973, when GARDENA included the first cable-free Accu Edging Shears in their product range, GARDENA has become both pioneer and trendsetter for technological advancement in the garden. And with the new HeartBeat System, GARDENA puts its quality to the test once again and starting in 2018, offers an 18 volt or 40 volt* system Battery and greatest flexibility for the wide range of devices in all areas of garden care.

For smaller and medium-sized gardens, the GARDENA HeartBeat System with 18 volts is the perfect solution. At the heart of the System is the powerful 18 volt battery, which is able to operate eight different units. Telescopic Pruners, Hedge Trimmers and Telescopic Hedge Trimmer, Lawnmowers, Trimmers and Leaf Blowers are all included in the GARDENA HeartBeat System 18 volt. The ergonomically shaped devices fit the hand perfectly and the low weight additionally guarantees comfortable posture for applications on hedges, trees, lawns or around the home and garden.

Owners of large gardens select the new GARDENA HeartBeat System with 40 volts*, because difficult to navigate terrain and extensive areas there frequently demand more power. Powerful Lawnmowers with different cutting widths, Hedge Shears, Trimmers and Leaf Blowers/Vacs can be used with the 40 volt battery. The smart System technology makes it possible to also use this in all units. This makes garden owners fully flexible. Because instead of buying a set with product, battery and charger, the HeartBeat System can be extended by purchasing separately as needed and is also available without battery.

The System Batteries with 18 or 40 volts* are strong and reliable energy sources with easy-care lithiumion battery cells. They can be charged at any time without memory effect and an LED display indicates the charging level. The batteries have a long service life at continuous performance.

The battery for the GARDENA HeartBeat System 40 volt* is also available as an accessory in the smart version. Exact information on the charging level is provided by the system's smart App. In addition, information is available on the expected battery cycle for each application. A warning is issued by the app in the event of excess heat or cold, e.g. when the battery is stored in excessively low temperatures, and ensures extended battery life. The batteries are available with 40 V/2.6 Ah* and 40 V/4.2 Ah*.

*The maximum output voltage without load is 40 V, the nominal voltage 36 V.

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