PowerMax™ 1600/37

Optimal results for cutting and collection

Precision cutting quality, high manoeuvrability, convenient handling – the new GARDENA PowerMax™ Lawnmowers join all these characteristics and stand for highest mowing efficiency. GARDENA has completely finished upgrading the electrically driven PowerMax™ fleet and also offers two new accu models.

The GARDENA Electric Lawnmowers PowerMax™ 1600/37 and 1800/42 are in operation on medium-sized and large lawn areas in the 2018 garden season. Powerful motors with 1600 watts (PowerMax™ 1600/37) and 1800 watts (PowerMax™ 1800/42) infuse these models with pure power. With a cutting width of 37 or 42 centimetres, they deliver convincing results at every mowing.

Both models have plenty to offer regarding comfort and handling. Thanks to the QuickFit Plus feature, the cutting height can be easily adjusted at the touch of a button. The DuraEdge precision-ground blade delivers excellent cutting results. To minimise the time it takes to put the finishing touches on your lawn after mowing, the lawn combs on the sides of the housing ensure that grass blades are precisely cut even along lawn edges and walls.

The ErgoTec Plus handle guarantees optimum mowing comfort. The ergonomic handle shape supports the natural position of the hand, also making it extremely easy to push and navigate the lawnmower. Using the telescopic shaft allows the mower to be seamlessly adjusted and thus optimally customised to fit any body height. Increased manoeuvrability and less effort for pushing are additionally ensured by the large rear wheels.

The GARDENA Electric Lawnmowers PowerMax™ 1600/37 and PowerMax™ 1800/42 are equipped with the new CnC Plus System (Cut and Collect Plus System). Optimal cutting and collection is thereby guaranteed at each use. As a result of the improved air circulation, significantly more grass cuttings land in the catcher. This means that emptying is considerably reduced and that mowing is no longer frequently interrupted.

And it isn’t a problem if users prefer a battery instead of a cable, because the new GARDENA Accu Rechargeable Lawnmower PowerMax™ Li-40/37 is equipped with the same product features as the two new electric models, except that it draws its energy from a rechargeable 40-volt lithium-ion battery. Its cutting width is 37 centimetres. This makes it suitable for lawn areas of up to approx. 450 square metres. Using an intuitive control interface, the unit can be switched on and off or the economy mode can be additionally activated for extended periods of operation. The GARDENA Accu Rechargeable Lawnmower PowerMax™ Li-40/37 is part of the new GARDENA HeartBeat System 40 V.

The second new battery-driven mower is the GARDENA PowerMax™ Li-18/32 and part of the new GARDENA HeartBeat System 18 V. With a cutting width of 32 centimetres, it is particularly suited for smaller areas of up to ap-prox. 230 square metres. The mower is equipped with an ergonomic Ergo Tec handle, the CnC System (Cut and Collect System) guarantees convincing cutting and collection results. The cutting height can be easily adjusted centrally thanks to QuickFit.

The GARDENA System batteries with 40 V* or 18 V, which drive the new lawnmowers, can be recharged at any time. An LED display informs the user about the current charging level of the battery. The replacement battery is also available in the smart version as an accessory for the GARDENA HeartBeat System 40 V. Exact information on the charging level is provided by the sys-tem’s smart App. In addition, information is available on the expected battery cycle for each application. A warning is issued by the app in the event of ex-cess heat or cold, e.g. when the battery is stored in excessively low tempera-tures, and ensures extended battery life. The smart Battery is available in 40 V/2.6 Ah* and 40 V/4.2 Ah* versions.

*The maximum output voltage without load is 40 V, the nominal voltage 36 V.

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