GARDENA combisystem

Now even better by experience

The different types of properties and gardens are as diverse as the year-round tasks that arise to maintain them. Property owners find the appropriate tools to get them done with the GARDENA combisystem. Since the minor details are often most important, GARDENA has now equipped some of the proven and popular attachment tools with new product features and made them even better than before.

Based on experience and consumer feedback, GARDENA has made some improvements to the attachment tools for the telescope applications of the GARDENA combisystem to make handling even better – and to deliver convincing results.

The GARDENA combisystem Fruit Picker is essential in the orchard during fruit harvesting season. By using the combisystem telescopic handle, even fruits at a height of 5 metres can be easily reached while standing on the ground. The upgraded version of the Fruit Picker can now even be conveniently used without the handle. With the newly designed handle, the Fruit Picker rests conveniently in the hand and can now provide flexible support even for harvesting short trees or low-hanging branches. A new quick-lock mechanism adjusts the angle for maximum comfort. We have also added microtoothing to the intervals between the sturdy plastic prongs, to enable even smaller fruits to be easily picked from the tree and land undamaged in the catch bag.

The GARDENA combisystem Angle Broom has always been the specialist for cleaning tasks in corners, for example on roof casings and house facades as well as on staircases and around the house. Now, equipped with the newly designed handle, it can also be easily used without a handle. The work angle can also be adjusted here using the quick-lock mechanism, for perfect cleaning results.

Another attachment tool for application with the telescopic handle is the combisystem Gutter Cleaner. It has also been equipped with a hand grip for even more flexible use. To achieve even better cleaning results, it can now also be used with water. This is enabled by an integrated Original GARDENA System Connection, for simple connection of the Garden Hose. Sturdy bristles on one side and a powerful top-grade plastic scraper on the other side enable effective application and optimal cleaning results.

The GARDENA combisystem Terrace Broom, with a width of 32 centimetres, is ideal for quickly cleaning the balcony and terrace. It will also be upgraded for the 2018 garden season, with a fresh design and new, even sturdier plastic bristles.

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