GARDENA Hose Trolleys

For truly convenient garden irrigation

The new GARDENA Hose Trolleys are the perfect solution when it comes to easy handling and space-saving storage of garden hoses. The new models are all frost-proof, provide absolute tipping stability while rolling up and unrolling the hose and enable particularly convenient handling.

The garden hose is virtually indispensable for watering the garden. And because it is used so frequently, handling should be effortless, convenient and easy. A practical Hose Trolley is the optimal solution to ensure that it doesn’t become a tripping hazard after use, has high durability and can be neatly stored.

Garden enthusiasts are perfectly equipped for the new season with the new GARDENA AquaRoll Hose Trolleys. With the innovative frost protection, the Hose Trolleys are now prepared to take on any weather conditions and are especially sturdy. An anti-drip device prevents water leakage during transport and following use of the hose trolley. The height of the premium-quality aluminium handle can now be easily adjusted with a lever and lowered for space-saving storage. The angled hose connection on the inside of the cylinder makes sure that the hose doesn’t bend and always reliably ensures maximum water flow. The models S, M and L have a capacity to hold respectively 40, 60 or 100 me-tres of garden hose with a diameter of 13 mm (1/2").

The new GARDENA Hose Trolleys AquaRoll M and M Easy along with the AquaRoll L Easy provide highest mobility with their large, smooth-turning profiled wheels. The new Kick&Stand function guarantees maximum tipping stability. The fold-out standing bracket and the positioned wheels also ensure that the Hose Trolley doesn’t lose its balance when the hose is rolled out. The hose can be conveniently rolled out thanks to the collapsible crank with soft plastic components on the handle. The cylinder can also be turned, to place the crank on the other side. This also allows left-handed users to roll up the hose with ease. The AquaRoll M has a practical retaining clip on the top frame. The end of the hose or the watering accessory can be hung here, for simple storage and safe transport.

A practical hose guide, available with models AquaRoll M Easy and AquaRoll L Easy, ensures that the hose is rolled up in uniform layers, without having to use the hands to guide it. The plastic sheathing on the handle provides an additional plus in comfort.

A five-year warranty is issued with all new GARDENA Hose Trolleys. This speaks in favour of highest quality “Made in Germany”.

As an alternative in hose storage, GARDENA offers the new city gardening automatic Wall-Mounted Hose Box, with 15 metres of hose. It is particularly suited for use on terraces, roof gardens or small row house gardens. The Wall-Mounted Hose Box is especially compact and is 180° rotatable, which means it requires a minimum of space. The hose can be pulled out conveniently and with a minimum of effort and locked in short intervals of maximum 50 cm, depending on the length needed. By briefly tugging on the hose, the high-quality spring technology delivers years of service to retract the hose automatically, uniformly and reliably.

The box is available as a complete set and includes 15 metres of hose, one connection hose, Original GARDENA System components, one Watering Sprayer and a wall bracket along with all the necessary screws and wall plugs. The city gardening automatic Wall-Mounted Hose Box is frost-proof and has a five-year warranty.

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