Original GARDENA System

For a perfectly durable connection

On the 50th anniversary of the Original GARDENA System, the company rounds off the new generation of system components with the Premium Tap and Hose Connectors and the Premium Water Stop. The sturdy system components in models of premium quality metal-plastic are frost-proof, hold the hose perfectly and are particularly convenient to use.

Upgrades to the Original GARDENA System began three years ago with the Tap Connector, Hose Connector and the Water Stop. The crowning finish in the anniversary year is presented by the Premium connection components, which feature an elegant design and a version in top-quality metal.

The Premium Tap Connector is produced in sturdy metal and available for all conventional water tap sizes. It is particularly durable and even frost-proof. It is also equipped with a special feature, which enables the splash-free filling of watering cans or buckets even if no hose is attached. This is made possible by three patent-pending small metal ribs on the inside of the Tap Connector, which bundle the water jet to ensure that users, terrace and house facade remain dry and the water only goes where it should.

The Premium Hose Connector, available for the two standard hose sizes (13 mm / 1/2" and 19 mm / 3/4") enables the quick and convenient connection to the hose lead. Soft plastic components ensure increased operating comfort, even when hands or gloves are wet. The Premium Water Stop, also available for the two standard hose sizes (13 mm / 1/2" and 19 mm / 3/4") make it possible to easily change the watering accessories at the hose end without making a trip to the tap. The water flow is interrupted as soon as the Spray Nozzle, Spray Gun or Spray Lance are disconnected and only begins again when a new watering accessory has been connected to the hose with the typical ‘click’. Soft plastic components also ensure the necessary hold here.

For both Premium fittings, the extended metal lock nut guarantees a particularly high hose grip and is able to withstand even great loads and pressure. An integrated anti-bend protection additionally prevents the hose from slipping out and bending.

With the elegant design, the new colours and the metal elements, the Premium Hose Connector and Premium Water Stop not only look superior and sturdy, they are now also frost-proof and can stand up to all challenges in the garden. This securely positions the new generation of the time-tested classic and makes it fit for the future. The five-year manufacturer’s warranty also stands for the quality that GARDENA ensures on all Original GARDENA Systems components starting in 2018.

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