GARDENA Spray Mist Set

Cool refreshment for hot days

A beautiful summer day, the sun is burning hot and it isn’t any cooler underneath the parasol or pergola. With the new Spray Mist Set, GARDENA brings cool refreshment and real holiday feeling to your home garden or on the balcony.

Who wouldn’t want to cool off while enjoying a break underneath the parasol on the balcony or terrace? A cool ocean breeze, like when you’re on holiday, would be perfect. Now you can enjoy that holiday feeling at home with the new GARDENA Spray Mist Set and cool down on hot days.

The GARDENA Spray Mist Set is simply attached to the parasol, awning or pergola and connected to the water tap. When the water is turned on, the nozzles create a wonderfully fine mist, which descends and permeates the air, making it pleasantly cool. The water is so finely sprayed, that it hangs in the air like a cool veil.

The set can be attached to the parasol or awning with the included fixing clips and just as easily detached for application elsewhere. Another option is the permanent installation using screws, for example on the beams of a pergola. Since operating the system only requires a water connection, application is especially flexible. The positioning of the Micro Mist Nozzles can be individually adjusted. Additional nozzles are available as separate accessories. Since the water spray is extremely fine, consumption is extremely low, bringing carefree enjoyment all summer long.

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