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Set de Control Sensor smart

Set de Control Sensor smart



Everything under control

Using the free GARDENA smart App for iOS and Android, you always have your garden under control, wherever your location. By tapping the screen, you can call up the important information required and adapt all settings for your garden work conveniently and according to requirements.


A stable and secure connection

Strong antennae in the smart Water Control and the smart Sensor guarantee cable-free connection to the smart Gateway even in large gardens, and therefore also the continuous communication with the GARDENA smart App. The smart Gateway produces the cable-free network communications between all GARDENA smart system devices and the GARDENA smart App. Two integrated high-performance antennae ensure a stable and secure connection even over large ranges.


Updated measurement values

The smart Sensor measures the soil moisture, the temperature and the light intensity in your garden and regularly transmits these measurement values to the GARDENA smart App.


Reliable irrigation

The smart Water Control reliably controls the irrigation of your plants in everyday life and even when you are not at home. The tried and tested valve technology ensures a strong connection between the smart Water Control, the water connection and the connecting devices.


Direct control

Simply press a button on the smart Water Control, and you will receive an overview over the signal strength, battery charging and active irrigation statuses via LEDS located directly on the device. If water is required immediately, irrigation can be started directly by pressing the button once more.

Gardena non Frost

Frost alarm

Thanks to an integrated temperature sensor, the smart Water Control automatically transmits a warning alarm to the GARDENA smart App before the temperatures become too cold. Then it is time to put the irrigation system out of operation and to store the device in a frost-proof area.



Riego adaptado a las necesidades del jardín mediante la smart App de GARDENA.

El Set de Control Sensor smart de GARDENA, esta compuesto por el Sensor smart, Programador smart y Router smart. Controla el riego automático en su jardín y garantiza un riego flexible adaptado a sus necesidades. El Set es ideal para un riego automático con el sistema Micro-Drip de GARDENA o Sprinklersystem.

Especificaciones técnicas

N.º de artículo 19102-20
Codigo-EAN: 4078500018883


Suministro de energía 2 x AA 1,5 V alkaline battery (LR6, not included)
Presión de trabajo Min 0.5 bar
Presión de trabajo Max 12 bar
Hilo 26,5 mm (G3/3), 33,3 mm (G1)
Ciclos de riego por día 6
Duración del riego 0 h 1 min - 10 h 0 min
Frecuencia de riego up to 6 irrigations per day, choice of weekdays


Soil Moisture 0 % - 100 %
Light Intensity from 0 lx
Light Intensity to 200000 lx
Ambient temperature (°C) -1 °C - + 50 °C
Suministro de energía 2 x AA 1,5 V alkaline battery (LR6, not included)

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