Reiseplanung zu schönen Gärten

Sobald der nächste Urlaub vor der Tür steht, stellt sich die Frage, wohin die Reise gehen soll. Jedes Jahr nutzen viele Gartenliebhaber die Gelegenheit Ihre Reiseplanung mit Ihrer Lieblingsfreizeitbeschäftigung zu verbinden. Sie unternehmen eine Reise zu den schönsten Gärten der Erde. Dort lassen sich neue Inspirationen für den eigenen Garten finden. Wir haben eine kleine Auswahl interessanter Reiseziele zusammengestellt.

The Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg, Austria

The Mirabell Gardens are located in the grounds of the Mirabell Castle in the Austrian City of Salzburg, and represent a popular photographic image. The castle is one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the City due to these extremely impressive gardens. The gardens comprise, amongst other things, of a large and small parterre, a rose garden, and orangery and, in the western part of the Mirabell Gardens, one of the oldest hedge theatres north of the Alps. Furthermore, 10,000 rose plants are cared for in the rose garden.

Powerscourt Gardens, Wicklow, Ireland

The Powerscourt Gardens are located in County Wicklow, Ireland. They are considered one of the most beautiful gardens of their kind. Particular attractions are the Italian and Japanese gardens. In close proximity to these gardens is the Powerscourt waterfall, which is the highest waterfall in Ireland.

The Eden Project in Cornwall, England

The Eden Project in Cornwall is a botanical garden in south England. The garden is 50 hectares in size and consists of two large greenhouses which in turn each consist of four cupolas, one inside the other. The Eden Project greenhouses are currently the largest in the world. Different climatic zones are simulated within the greenhouses so that plants from across the world can grow there.

Chateau de Marqueyssac, Dordogne, France

The gardens around Castle Marqueyssac are located in the Dordogne region, France. The gardens are still privately owned today, but are accessible to the public. The gardens of Marqueyssac impress visitors above all with their horticultural variety and diversification. Cut box plants extend within this garden in a rag rug-style formation. Countless evergreen box trees are cut into organically rounded, abstract shapes such as domes, swirls and pillars.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Thailand

The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a botanical garden in Thailand. It consists of a French, a European and a flower garden. The particular feature of this garden is the wide range of palm fern varieties. Above all, Asian, American and Central African palm ferns can be found there. But other, less well-known varieties can also be viewed in the gardens.