How can I automatically position the sprinklers?

When you click on Sprinkler Plan in the top menu you will be given the option to automatically position the sprinklers.

In both cases, the sprinklers are placed around the garden according to certain rules. You can later alter their position to better suit your needs. Read more about sprinklers and planning in our brochures.


Can I manually place the sprinklers?

New sprinklers can be added to a drawing by dragging them from the object menu. Choose between T, S, oscillating sprinklers or the Aqua Contour.


How do I adjust the sprinklers?

An in-place sprinkler can be altered in different ways, such as its position, sprinkling angle and spray range. Select and adjust the sprinkler by selecting it.


How do I add a water connection?

There is a water connection object in the object menu. Place it where there is a water connection point in your house. Indicate any other water connections that you have in your garden.

A menu pops up when you drop your water connection in the drawing area. Here you can alter settings and options to suit your requirements. See next section for more information about these settings.


How do I know how to attune the settings for my water connection?


The flowrate setting allows you to set the time it takes to fill a 10-litre bucket. Fill in the numbers of seconds it takes to fill the 10 litre bucket in the flow rate field.

Numbers of pipes

The no. of pipes function allows you to set how many pipes/channels your water connection has: 1-6.

Automatic controls

By selecting the Water computer option and Soil Moisture Sensor or Rain Sensor, you can make life significantly easier.

You can also add an extension cable if you wish to extend the sprinkling range.

Read more about these products here.

How do I automaticlly place my pipe system?

The last step in sprinkler planning is normally to connect the sprinklers and the water connection together. This can either be done automatically or manual.

First you need to place your water tab in your garden. (See section above about water connections.)

If you prefer to do it automatically then simply press the button “Connect your sprinklers”. You can manually adjust the sprinklers afterwards if you are not happy with the automatic result.


How do I manually place my pipe system?

1. Select the Pipe object in the object menu.
2. Click on your Water Connection as a starting point.
3. Click on the first sprinkler you wish to connect.
4. Then click on the next on and connect all sprinklers. Exit by clicking on the check mark.
Note that the T and S sprinklers cannot be connected to the same pipe system. If your plan contains both T and S sprinklers, you are obliged to put in place two separate pipe systems from your Water Connection.
5. All your sprinklers have been connected to the water connection when they change colour from a transparent white to blue.


What do T and S in the drawing mean?

These are the two types of sprinklers used when calculating sprinkler placement automatically. They may not be used in the same pipe system.

Read more about this at the sprinkler system page.

Can I add Aqua Contour sprinklers?

Yes, you can add Aqua Contour sprinklers to your system by selecting it manually from the object menu.


Can I add Oscillating sprinklers?

Yes, you can add Oscillating sprinklers to your system by selecting it manually from the object menu.