Mindful consumption

Plants in pots

Upcycling Tips for your gardening

  • Use Yoghurt pots as an ideal place for sowing seedlings.
  • Try tying aluminium lids to rope above your vegetable beds. They will move in the wind and scare away birds looking for food.
  • You can reuse bought plant pots time and time again for more plants. 

Keep in mind...

Garden tools allow you to work efficiently, tend to your plants and cultivate your soil. Just make sure you have sustainability in mind when choosing which ones to buy. Here are some important factors to consider:


1. Durability

Ideally, you should buy tools like shears with long guarantees that have passed extensive hardness and precision testing so that you can rely on them for many years of everyday gardening.

Repairs and replacements

2. Repairs and replacements

Check that those durable tools can be repaired or have parts replaced so that you can carry on using them years down the line.


3. Economy and efficiency

Using drip irrigation systems near the roots, soil sensors and automated controls can help you to save water and avoid wasting precious resources.


6. All-in-one solutions

Multi-functional tools like grubber-rakes and systems with different attachments can be used to tackle all kinds of tasks with just one handle.