Robotic lawn mowers

Fully automatic care for large lawn areas

Lawn care can be so simple using a robotic lawnmower which runs in neat lines, cutting grass stalks accurately to length. GARDENA is now extending its existing range of Robotic Lawnmowers by another four high-power models with improved product features and extra mowing performance.

A well-cared for, lush green lawn with dense grass growth involves a lot of time and effort for hobby gardeners. However, if they are assisted by a GARDENA Robotic Lawnmower, they can simply put their feet up and enjoy the garden! The new models feature improved equipment, and, thanks to their higher range, are also suitable for larger gardens. The new top model, the GARDENA SILENO+, cares for lawn areas of up to 1,300 m2; the model SILENO is suitable for use on areas of up to 1,000 m2. With their four wheels and powerful rearwheel drive, these mowers are also easily able to cope with inclines of up to 35 percent.

Like their predecessors, the new models mow according to a free movement pattern. In addition, they feature automatic passage detection. In narrower areas of garden, they can therefore utilise the entire width of the area at their disposal so that they do not leave unattractive tracks after multiple approaches, but rather only an accurately maintained lawn. And they run so quietly that it is hardly possible to hear them mowing the lawn before they return fully automatically to the charging station.

The GARDENA SILENO+ or smart SILENO+ can even think for themselves, as they are equipped with a sensor which determines the intensity of the lawn growth, and align their activities accordingly. Garden owners are now also able to update these new models themselves, as software updates can now be conducted using the USB interface.

The two model versions smart SILENO and smart SILENO+ leave you wellequipped for the future. This is because they can be integrated into the GARDENA smart system, with which it will be possible to control the devices via App, to download status information or to adapt the program.

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