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Rosemary tea — a feel-good recipe

With rosemary, you can make a cup of tea that's a little bit different. A mug that not only warms you up, but is also good for your body and mind. The recipe is incredibly easy.

Simple recipe for invigorating rosemary tea

The slightly bitter and resinous aroma of rosemary lends a special flavour to many Mediterranean dishes. But it is not just its flavour that makes this Mediterranean plant the Olympic champion of the herb world. The valuable substances it contains, particularly the essential oils, are good for the body. Harness the power of the herb by making a sophisticated rosemary tea. This tea is particularly beneficial if suffering from menstrual cramps, infections or common colds or if you're going through the menopause.

For one cup of invigorating rosemary tea, you need just two ingredients:

  • A heaped tablespoon of dried rosemary needles
  • One quarter of a litre of hot water

First, wash the needles to remove any dust or other particles. Add them to a cup, preferably in a filter so that the herb does not float around loose in the cup. Pour hot water over the herb and let the Mediterranean mixture brew, covered, for around 15 minutes.

Simple variations

Rosemary tea in its pure form is already a thing of great pleasure. But if you fancy a change every now and again, you could try enhancing it with the freshly squeezed juice from a small orange, for example — that way, you are also getting a boost of vitamin C in your hot drink. Lemon also goes well with rosemary tea. For a touch of sweetness, you could go for the classic option with honey. Enjoy your own individual creation.