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Building pallet furniture yourself – tips and ideas

Have you always dreamed of building your own pallet furniture, but still looking for great ideas for a balcony or terrace? Look no further! Trendy Euro pallets with rustic charm are versatile and robust.

Coffee tables, chairs, shelves, even swings are now made from Euro pallets. The industrial timber has been transformed from an inconspicuous raw material into a polished item of furniture – at least if it is processed correctly.

Tips on sourcing

Did you know that Euro pallets are standardised? They all have the same measurements because they are used as stacking pallets. So you can transport products from A to B cleanly and easily. The boards are usually 120 cm long, 80 cm wide and 14.4 cm deep. They weigh up to 24 kg.

Even if you come across Euro pallets in various supermarkets and DIY markets, you can't just help yourself. Anyone who obtains them illegally renders themselves liable to prosecution. It doesn't cost anything to ask; but not all employees are authorised to hand out Euro pallets. You're likely to have more success on an industrial estate. Look for trucks and delivery zones, where Euro pallets are disposed of in containers. It's worth a look. Note: the pallets released for disposal are usually single-use pallets. Others – if they are still functional – are returned against a deposit. This may mean lesser quality.

You can also search online or in specialist stores selling the pallets. However, the wood is often more expensive.
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Building pallet furniture yourself – ideas

There are countless ways to build pallet furniture yourself. But before getting to work, measure your balcony or terrace. Do you have enough overall space for a lounge corner on your balcony or a standalone raised bed made from pallets? You can easily customise your range of pallet furniture.

Once you get pallet fever, you'll be decorating your home with additional individual wood pieces. Seating made from Euro pallets is particularly popular. You can build these in many different designs. If you have a large terrace, create a cosy lounge seating area, for example. You don't not necessarily have to stack the pallets high. To delimit the area, you can first define a specific area with Euro pallets. The seats themselves you can build as reclining surfaces. Stack several pallets on top of each other and screw them together. Now all you need is matching cushions and pillows, so you can sit on them comfortably. Create everything in a uniform style. Choose a harmonious colour scheme, matching patterns and shapes. One nice idea is an oriental seating area that you can decorate with lights, candles, throws, carpets and cushions.

Instead of a reclining surface, you can also build benches with backs and armrests. And while you're at it, build a matching coffee table. Again, stack several pallets on top of each another at different heights. Practicalities – the higher you build, the more storage space the piece of furniture will offer. It is also a good idea to attach casters to the corners of the table. This makes it very easy to move.
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Herb rack made from pallets

Pallets are also great as containers for flowers, herbs and for decorative use. To create an impressive wall decoration, change the colour. More on that later. You can also use the separate boards to create plant boxes. Important: always line the inside with water-resistant material such as fleece, so that it doesn't get damaged. Or perhaps create an entire bed with pallets for the terrace. The boards will separate the plants in your mini-kitchen garden perfectly. To have enough space for gardening, remove the individual boards and cut them to size.

Preparing pallet furniture with more class

The original state of the pallets is not always very presentable and also dangerous! Especially if you want to build a seating area, you may come across a splinter if you don't prepare the wood correctly. Before constructing your pallet furniture, clean the material. The best way is with a steam pressure cleaner. But a bucket of water and a scrubbing brush will also do in an emergency. Then sand the wood to prevent anyone injuring themselves. Make sure that all the nails are properly hammered in and fix if necessary. Round off the edges, because they can also cause an injury.

All done? Then let loose with the paint. One coat of varnish will be enough to ensure your pallet furniture retains its rustic charm. Or give your pieces an individual coat of paint, for example, to set them apart them from the rest. If your balcony has a lot of dark items, a pallet rack painted red will be particularly eye-catching. Why not apply special lettering to your pallet furniture, with your favourite quotes or a special poem or song, for example. Important: give your furniture a few coats of paint, so everything is covered and looks neat. If you are a talented painter, the wood is an ideal medium for showing off your talents. Unleash your creativity.