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Classic Root Feeder

Classic Root Feeder


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Water deeper-lying roots

The Root Feeder supplies deeper-lying roots in a targeted manner with the required water quantity, if the natural water supply is not sufficient.

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Water the roots as long as you please

The pulse trigger is activated when roots need to be briefly watered in doses. By locking, the roots receive continuous watering, as required.

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Integrated back-spray protection: water where it's needed

The integrated back-spray protection allows targeted application and good supply.


Water deeper-lying roots – long-term and in doses

The Root Feeder supplies deeper-lying roots with the required water quantity, in a targeted manner. The total length of the Root Feeder is 75 cm. It penetrates up to 55 cm into the soil. The integrated back-spray protection prevents the water from spraying up. The Root Feeder can be precisely started with the pulse trigger or can be locked for longer watering of roots. Ideal for the perfect care of plants and effort-saving work for you.

Technical Specifications

Article No. 944-20
EAN-Code: 4078500094405

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