What is the My Garden Studio?

My Garden Studio is the Flash based application where you draw your garden, place your sprinklers, print your shopping list etc.

My Garden Studio can only be used on a computer with Flash installed.

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What do the tabs in the top menu mean?

The top menu has four tabs that gives the user different views of his/her garden.

Drawing - is where you draw and plan your garden.

Sprinkler Plan - is where you can use the automatic sprinkler and pipe placement to plan your sprinkler system.

Shopping List - is where you can see your shopping list of recomened products for the sprinkler system. From here you can also print or download schematics and installation instructions.

Garden Page - is a link back to your garden page on the gardena.com site. From here you can share your garden with friends or handle multiple gardens.

How does the object menu work?

The objects menu is where you find all objects that you can use to draw and plan your garden with. Some are actual objects that you can place on your work space and scale and move around. Other are brusches that you use to actual draw elements in your garden with, e.g. the water, soil or hedge brush.
The objects are sorted into categories and sub categories to make it easier for you to find them.


What can be found behind the Utility buttons?

They contain features often used by users such as Help, Save garden, Delete garden, Undo and Start over.


How does Zoom & Panning work?

The zoom in/out, pan and centre the work area features can be found in the top right.

What is layers and how does it work?

There are five different layers that can be highlighted and hidden to make it easier to design your garden:

Houses & buildings
Trees & bushes
Surface areas


How does the Measure function work?

There is a measuring scale at the bottom right of the application to help position objects more exactly. It can show either metres or feet. The measurements correspond to the grid.


How does the Grid work?

There is a grid behind the drawing surface where each square represents 1 square meter or 1 square feet depending on the measure scale selected. The grid can be hidden by turning off the grid layer.


How does Snap work?

The Snap feature at the bottom right hand corner can be either activated or deactivated. When it is activated adjacent objects can be linked together. Houses and balconies for instance can be linked to make it easier to draw.



There are a number of keys in combination with the mouse cursor which can simplify your work with My Garden.

Ctrl + c = copy an object
Ctrl + v = paste an object
Ctrl + z = undo latest change
Ctrl + s = save

Hold in the shift key when scaling an object and it will hold its proportions.

Hold in the shift key when drawing an element and it will give you straight lines.