Long live the Australian bush

GARDENA loves gardens, all of them; big and small, colourful and monochrome, landscaped and wild. The wildest of all gardens has a special place in our heart this month; the mighty Australian bush. 
When the Husqvarna team told us that they were partnering with Landcare Australia and the Central Coast Council to help ensure vegetation along Porters Creek in Wyong was rehabilitated and restored, we immediately jumped on board with cutting and digging tools in hand.

We spent two gloriously sunny days out in the Australian bush weeding the unwanted (wandering jew, wild tobacco, lantana and small leaved privet) and planting the much-needed (melaleuca, blackbutt, grey gum, lilly pilly and Gosford wattle).  We picked up some fantastic sustainability tips from the experts along the way.
20,000 plants have been introduced to Australia since European colonisation, of which 2,000 are considered weeds. If your property borders bushland, you might already be in battle with one of these weeds; the infamous wandering jew (tradescantia fluminensis), trad for short, and it is a formidable opponent. The GARDENA team spent most of their time focusing on clearing an area near the creek of this fierce nemesis.
We learnt that the best way to kill trad and other weeds is to solarise them which means to kill them using heat generated by the sun. If you have space to do so, this method is ideal. If not, make sure to choose your disposal method wisely since too often weeds are removed from one area only to be transferred to another. Remember birds, wind, water, animals, humans and even cars are all potential modes of transportation. Another clever way of disposing of Trad is feeding it to your chickens we’ve been told. Keep it away from your dogs though, it may irritate their skin.

Should you be interested in bush regeneration, your local council and LandCare Australia are great resources for finding information on sustainable planting practices and projects needed volunteers.