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Each garden is different, and each gardener has it's own individual preferences. So it is not easy to find the right product or the best fitting garden equipment. To help you make the right decision we have created these product guides for you.

Lawn care guide

Product guide for lawn care

You have a small lawn area and wonder which products might help you best to keep the grass short and tidy? Or would you rather lay back and have a robotic lawnmower do the job? Check out our new lawn care product guide to see which products are recommended for your garden type.

Find the right products for your lawn
Tree and shrub care guide

Tree and shrub care guide

Depending on the amount and age of trees and shrubbery in your garden, different products will help you best when it comes to cutting branches. Find out what secateur, lopper, hedge clipper or saw will fit to your garden type and needs.

Find the right tree and shrub care tools